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Something wrong with my aloe vera plant?

  • Posted on September 22, 2013 at 11:02 am

Something wrong with my aloe vera plant?
Well I broke a piece off today. I have never really used my aloe vera plant. We hardly water it, but it grows anyways and manages to stay all green. But today when I broke a piece off I opened it and as I got further to the top of the broken piece the gel (in the inside) was brown. There was green aloe gel too, but i didnt trust the brown gel.

What is that brown gel?? Haha, I know its silly but like i said i never really use the plant so i dont want to put just anything on my scars.

Best Suggestion

Answer by japhiel
My Gemma (grandma) has always had one of these and I had one from her and have always had one since. Although I have rarely had to use one, I’ve never encountered the “brown gel.” I personally wouldn’t use it. I am thinking that, since leaves die from the tip back, that what you encountered was a sign of aging and eventual death for that piece of foliage. I found a discussion thread that seems to go along with much of what I said, you can check it out at:

I also found some interesting info at:

Hope this helps!

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