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How do I propagate my unsightly Aloe plant.?

  • Posted on May 9, 2012 at 11:08 pm

How do I propagate my unsightly Aloe plant.?
I just received a Aloe plant that was not well taken care of… It has a long stalk that cannot support the weight of the plant. It looks like someone kept cutting the top off the plant and the plant would sprout two more where they cut. Can I just snip off the starts from the head of this top heavy plant to start new plants? Or should I cut the stalk and plant it lower? Or both?

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Answer by MakeupSecret
now i dont’ have alot of experience. but from my understanding and from the look of my plant. it really doen’t matter how much you cut off because it will always end up healing itself and make itself stronger..

so unless someone says don’t do it. i’d say worth a shot

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