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I burned the tips of my aloe plant in the sun…Should I cut them off?

  • Posted on May 18, 2012 at 10:15 am

I burned the tips of my aloe plant in the sun…Should I cut them off?
I bought a brand new, pretty small aloe plant. I immediately put it in a larger pot with a good cactus mix soil. I wasn’t thinking, and I left it out in the sun – full sun, very hot – all day the day after I repotted it. When I got home, the tips had all turned brown as if burned. Should I cut the tips off? I’m assuming burned leaves cannot cure themselves? What happens to aloe plants/leaves when they are cut??

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Answer by bushmaster8
I have grown Aloe in pots for years and this occasionally happens to me, though I’m not sure it is due to the Sun.

My conclusion is that it is caused by inadequate water.

In the case of your re-potting, even if you watered it, it’s possible that the disturbed roots were unable to get adequate water to the leaf tips.

In any case, I have always trimmed the brown tips off just back into the green area and had no problems. I use a very sharp ‘box cutter” knife and a single, clean sliding stroke to get a clean one-motion cut.

Inside the leaf is a “gel” material [helps to heal your cuts, scratches,sunburn, etc.] which will develop a dried “scab” within a few hours, and the plant will not be harmed. If you want, you can also just leave the brown ends alone and eventually they’ll just fall off on their own.

As a matter of fact that is how people use Aloe to treat wounds and such, by just cutting off a leaf tip and squeezing the gel onto the wound.

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