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Is it possible to stunt the growth of my aloe vera plant?

  • Posted on March 3, 2012 at 12:36 am

Is it possible to stunt the growth of my aloe vera plant?
I posted this question a few days ago, and I only got two answers–both of which I was sure I didn’t want to agree with.

I have a large (leaf span 5 feet, height 3.5 feet) aloe plant that keeps getting bigger! I like it big, but I have to keep buying pots to support it (it leans now) and I can’t lift it anymore!

It’s already in the coldest room in the house. I live in New England, so outside planting isn’t an option. It produces 3-5 pups per month. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to stunt it’s growth?

Best Suggestion

Answer by Chris C
Hello ohmygoodnessgirl9 –

Well, this is an interesting question. First, I sure would love to see a picture of such a large aloe vera in a container! Here are my thoughts:

– If the aloe gets excessive shade (not enough light) the plant leaf surface would be larger and the plant would be difficult to support (part of the reason I feel this may be the case is because you mention the plant is leaning now). This would also be true if the aloe received too much water – or, even perhaps a combination of both of these factors.

– Depending on the arrangement of the divisions (pups, etc) of the plant – if you wanted it to be totally under control, I would cut the entire thing to (more-or-less) the surface and allow it to grow back. Or, replace the larger plant with some of the smaller plants which you have created from the divisions.

But, to ‘stunt’ it – as in a horticultural sense, where you are applying chemicals, hormones etc to the plant – I dont know of any such mechanism. I believe you can manage the plant from being out of control through light/water (as mentioned above); and, also by continually dividing it (giving the divisions away to freinds, etc) and trying to manage the plant in that manner.

Good luck.

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