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How can we become beautiful and useful? I am referring to internal beauty and usefulness.?

  • Posted on March 25, 2013 at 7:54 am

How can we become beautiful and useful? I am referring to internal beauty and usefulness.?
Externally anyone may become beautiful, but, how about internal beauty. Are we all concerned about it? Are you concerned about it?

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Answer by aumklim
Becoming really beautiful and useful is possible only when we reconnect with our original source, God. Since all of us, living entities are eternally parts and parcels of God, only when we live in harmony with Him we are established in our original beautiful and usefull position.
We are like the sparks of a great fire which are shining brightly and beautifully when in the fire. But if the spark leaves the fire and falls on the cold ground it is immediately extinguished. Similarly if we disconnect ourselves from our original source we loose our beauty and usefulness.

While external beauty is shallow and depends on the temporary and perishable material body, internal beauty is a characteristic of the eternal soul, the real self, and has nothing to do with external considerations. There is a nice instructive story in this connection:

The Story of Liquid Beauty
Once a man who was very powerful and strongly built but whose character was very doubtful fell in love with a beautiful girl. The girl was not only beautiful in appearance but also saintly in character, and as such she did not like the man’s advances. The man, however, was insistent because of his lustful desires, and therefore the girl requested him to wait only seven days, and she set a time after that when he could meet her. The man agreed and with high expectations he began waiting for the appointed time. The saintly girl, however, in order to manifest the real beauty of absolute truth, adopted a very instructive method. She took very strong doses of laxatives and purgatives, and for seven days she continually passed loose stool and vomited all that she ate. Moreover, she stored all the loose stool and vomit in suitable pots. As a result of the purgatives, the so-called beautiful girl became lean and thin like a skeleton, her complexion turned blackish, and her beautiful eyes sank into the sockets of her skull. Thus at the appointed hour she waited anxiously to receive the eager man.

The man appeared on the scene well dressed and well behaved and asked the ugly girl he found waiting there about the beautiful girl he was to meet. The man could not recognize the girl he saw as the same beautiful girl whom he wish to meet; indeed, although she repeatedly asserted her identity, because of her pitiable condition he was unable to recognize her. At last the girl told the powerful man that she had separated the ingredients of her beauty and stored them in pots. She also told him that he could enjoy those juices of beauty.When the mundane poetic man asked to see these juices of beauty, he was directed to the store of loose stool and liquid vomit, which were emanating an unbearably bad smell. Thus the whole story of the beauty-liquid was disclosed to him. Finally, by the grace of the saintly girl, this man of low character was able to distinguish between the shadow and the substance, and thus he came to his senses.

This man’s position was similar to the position of every one of us who is attracted by false, material beauty. The girl mentioned above had a beautifully developed material body in accordance with the desires of her mind, but in fact she was apart from that temporary material body and mind. She was in fact a spiritual spark, and so also was the lover who was attracted by her false skin.

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