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Relatively new aloe vera plant keeps tipping over?

  • Posted on June 19, 2012 at 10:55 am

Relatively new aloe vera plant keeps tipping over?
I was given a new aloe plant (about 8 inches tall) about 6 months ago and it still can’t stand up straight on its own. New stems are growing and it otherwise looks healthy, it just always needs to be kept upright with three popsicle sticks. Any advice?
Let me update, the plant is not very top heavy (it’s still too small) and it is not the pot that is tipping over, it’s the entire plant tipping over in it’s pot. It’s almost as if it is not attached to its roots. I propped it up with popsicle sticks thinking it just needed time to take root in a new pot… but after 6 months and new shutes growing, that obviously isn’t the case! Any suggestions would be appreciated

Best Suggestion

Answer by byron101540
LArger pot

quit feeding it Mirical Gro try a seaweed 3-2-2

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