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Beauty salon decoration color? In the color mood of intoxication – beauty salons, beauty, beauty be

  • Posted on May 5, 2012 at 12:05 am

Beauty salon decoration color? In the color mood of intoxication – beauty salons, beauty, beauty be

Article by jekky

Spring reminds us of the green, in summer we think of red, golden autumn we think of winter, we think of white?? Each color speak for the beautiful natural landscape in different seasons, so your state of mind at the colorful life, or joy, or sadness, or vision, or memory…… Such is the spiritual experience of color to bring the mood of people to enjoy. Said beauty salon now, it is simple to do and then not only beauty of public places, a few beauty bed, plus a number of beauty products, profits can be started, and it blends into the more cultural elements that were operating their inherent training are conducted to the customers unique human atmosphere, that is, people often say “tone.” Guests into the salon, in addition to improving physical defects, usually to find a spiritual vacuum and relax, watching from the beauty industry development trend, beauty salon selling point gradually began to shift to the “exoticism” in the word. “Taste” the most direct form of color is no doubt that through the combination of color to create atmosphere, affecting people’s state of mind. This enhances the integration of beauty and intensity of the guests, beauty salon surroundings are guests of the state of mind, people are yearning for, so guests will never forget, often visit. Luxurious decoration may not be able to vividly convey a cultural atmosphere, and create a mood of beauty salons must first determine the overall tone of the mood of the theme. The choice of tone is based on the environmental and patronize stores customers to determine the level, and we must achieve harmony and unity. Secondly, the main color and tone to determine the secondary color. Here is a good case, we gave it a good listen to the name: Forest Spring. Clearly, the beauty of the tone of the introduction of the forest wilderness of nature, a long time in the reinforced concrete jungle shuttle guests, all have to return to nature and to himself the desire for beauty of this customer base is mostly white-collar class, bear the heavy work pressure, but the high quality of life they had absolute requirement, is typical of “personal perfectionist” Therefore, chaotic environment is unable to retain them. The main keynote?? Forest, nature, the main colors of this beauty salon located in the green?? Symbol of spring, lush forest vigor; red-brown?? Symbolic tree of the texture and character. Complementary colors?? Black and stainless steel colors, highlight a noble quality. Entrance is the front reception area, pleasant to the eye of the first green landscapes, trees, branches and leaves that are embedded in the cabinet body, not only play a very good decorative effect, but also reduce the heavy mahogany sense, close to the ceiling of a use of light exposure, creating a hazy sunshine through the leaves fresh feeling. Concise style waiting area of the bench, but also with a matching green, and red-brown is in contrast to the formation of handrails. Entrance hall of the decorative painting trees everywhere, not only play a role in isolation, has become the crowning touch to the essential beauty room, imagine, customers Weibi on the eyes, enjoy your good service at the same time, if exposure to birds chirp in the forest Yan, natural mood to relax. The simple beauty as a whole gives the feeling of harmonious colors, but not significantly monotonous, large reason is that the small details make a big article. Such as the use of transparent glass partition, light used. Transparent glass partition to form a broad perspective gives effect, simultaneously with adding color to the simple clarity; lights attached to the whole layer of soft colors, with an emphasis on layering in each region. Beauty salon decoration in the “hardware”, in addition to the performance of color tone, it also should be noted that use of some “software”, to contrast the use of intangible atmosphere. Such as music, in such a fun store full of nature, should choose some soft music, such as Pan flute, piano and so on, turn the volume up to Ruoyouruowu, sound and light color and into the body; followed by fragrances, beauty salon China should not only full of flavor cosmetics cosmetics, make some appropriate incense, fresh and elegant attached to the entrance hall of the air, is also set off the coup sentiment. Mood gradually become a development trend of beauty salons, and social development is closely linked, because beauty is not simply a kind of commercial activity and eventually it is bound to come back to the culture, beauty culture and who will do business operation the perfect combination, whoever must be the beauty industry a big winner.

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