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What is the name of the plant in this photo: ?

  • Posted on May 29, 2013 at 11:56 am

What is the name of the plant in this photo: ?
The pink part is somewhat thick, like an aloe plant, not thin like flower petals. I need to find out what it is so I can learn how to take care of it 🙂

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Answer by mdesertbound
It is a Bromeliad.
Pineapple & Air Plants are also in the same family.
If you look at the stem of the plant you will see it forms a cup like container. Use distilled water and pour the water in there rather then into the soil.

They can also be attached to tree/branches. I saw someone on Phil The Garden Guy on HGTV make a beautiful tree out of a branch in a large pot. He attached all types of Bromeliads to it for the corner of his living room.

The blooms are temporary but long lasting.

There are a lot of beautiful varieties of blooms.

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