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What beauty treatments should i get before my romantic holiday?

  • Posted on January 12, 2013 at 11:09 am

What beauty treatments should i get before my romantic holiday?
so i am going to amsterdam with my boyfriend for a few days for our 3rd anniversary. I have decoided to get some beauty treatents to make myself look good for the holiday. I am going to have permanent hair extentions to make my short hair long and glamourous. can you suggest some other treatments i could have to make myself look and feel extra glam 🙂 moneys not really a problem also 🙂

Best Suggestion

Answer by I’m a GIRL.
Since it is going to be cold (winter). I suggest wearing a beret! Also leave in hair conditioner. Get one from the body shop for $ 14 it’s called the rainforest moisture or something like that. Trust me the cold weather and the wind will blow dry your hair.
Also a good moisturiser for the skin that will be suitable for winter. I’d choose Dermalogica Active moist. So good… I think it’s around $ 30-40 dollars.
Also for the toner which is really important you should use Clairns Daily Energizer Wake-up booster
Costing $ 20 ish dollars.
That is what it looks like.

You need a good face wash cream. More in the cream section because the ones that will makes your skin dry will really dry your skin out even more during the winter. So I suggest Dr Hauschka cream cleanser. It works so good leaving your skin flawless.

Then a good body moisture to make your skin gloW!!! Use the hydrating collection from Chanel
A bit pricey because it’s $ 80 ish dollars

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