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How can I start being a fashion and beauty girl?

  • Posted on March 15, 2012 at 6:07 am

How can I start being a fashion and beauty girl?
I’m 13 and I love fashion and beauty, but I just don’t know how to be a fashionista/ fashion and beauty girl! I’m doing this for myself, by the way! What magazines do I read, make -up, any recommended stores, clothing lines, clothes, shoes, accessories, purses (I already have a small Coach Purse), what do fashionistas obsess over (except for fashion and beauty duh!), how do they act, any recommended books (fiction or nonfiction), what do they say a lot, what celebrities are their role models, how do I get great fashionista-baby soft skin, any bedroom (bathroom) make-overs, and any other suggestions are cool! I don’t want to be self-centered or mean, I am really nice actually.

Sorry, that’s a lot of stuff, but I just love fashion, just don’t know how to put it!

Advice would be awesome!

Best Suggestion

Answer by NEWYORKBABE012
Read TeenVogue, it’s the best way to follow the fashion trends. People and Instyle have fashion updates for people your age sometimes. Keep your make-up safe, and clean with a glow that makes you the way you are. Don’t make it too dramatic. Even out your make up; maybe a little bit of mascara, eyeliner, a touch of eyeshadow, a little bit of blush, and some gloss will do. Guys don’t like it when girls have too much make up. I personally don’t like Forever21 because their clothes are cheap material so I recommend that you shop at Nordstroms, Urban Outfitters, and H&M. Always dress according to the ocasio and weather, keep your accessories cute, never mix&match, but don’t over accessorize. These days, the bigger the better. Don’t carry around a dinky little purse, get your oufit to look more fabulous by carrying a purse that has a lot of room and style to it. Jeans are very important. I love Citizens of Humanity, True Religions, and William Rast jeans. Do not get jeans that are too tight. You’ll get a muffin top which means that your fats goes over your jeans beacause your jeans are too tight. It was stated on E!’s 50 fashion do and don’t. Make sure to keep the length right, and the butt area looking fit. I use Nu Skin, which is not a very well known brand, but it is the best. I was breaking out one time, I applyed some facial acne creame, the next day it was gone. And for your make up, go to Sephora, not MAC. MAC makes you look like a cake face. GOOD LUCK!

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