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How do I save my aloe plant from nearly freezing to death?

  • Posted on February 24, 2010 at 5:09 pm

How do I save my aloe plant from nearly freezing to death?
I accidentally left her outside most of this week, during below freezing temperatures. Now I brought her inside, placed her near the window, and I’m praying *sigh* Her symptoms are- a lot of her leaves are drooping and leaking aloe. A few of her leaves near the center/core are still upright and warm to the touch, but the ones that are drooping are dark down to a certain point and are cold to the touch. Please help me save my baby!

Best Suggestion

Answer by Ersa
Put her under a heat lamp, a grow lamp, and keep her by a sunny window (where it won’t get cold). Give her a good drink of water (but don’t drown the plant, it was make for the desert after all) and give her a little fertilizer (the kind you can dissolve into the water). This will sound weird, but talk to your plant, play some happy music, etc. Plants react “emotionally” when another plant is killed or when the killer of the plant comes into the room. Thus I’m thinking happy vibes will help.
Your plant is in shock but with careful attention she’ll recover.

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