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Who manufactures Aloe Ferox products in Australia?

  • Posted on May 1, 2013 at 5:05 pm

Who manufactures Aloe Ferox products in Australia?
Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone can help me out.

I need to know as many as I can. I need all the manufactureres of Aloe Ferox products in Australia.

Websites/Names/Phone numbers would be great if you know.

Thanks guys.

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Answer by Man
Aloe Forex

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What is the difference between Aloe Ferox and Aloe Vera?

  • Posted on February 14, 2013 at 1:02 am

What is the difference between Aloe Ferox and Aloe Vera?
I have been using capsules that contain ‘Aloe ferox’ and always thought it was the same as Aloe vera, just a different name for the aloe. I was just speaking to someone today who said they are both Aloe but they are by no means the same.

Why have we not heard more about the Aloe ferox and why does everyone and their uncle know about aloe vera?

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Answer by Richard

This is a great question, I was using an aloe ferox capsule each day and like you, I thought it was another name for aloe vera. By the way, were you using the Prosit capsules from African Cures?

I have found some sites which go into details about the differences between these two aloes but I guess I could just sum it up for you before I go into all the details. The aloe ferox plant is a great deal older than the vera plant, the aloe ferox has also been used for a great deal longer than the aloe vera plant. The aloe ferox can only grow in one part of the world which is a small range in South Africa.
The aloe ferox plant is about 20 times stronger then the aloe vera and it contains about twice to three times more the essential amino acids as its cousin the vera. So now for anti-aging, healing, cleansing we should all be using the aloe ferox plant, but it has not been available to us, only through the African Cures website. This is soon to change, a company in the USA, Alofe, will be importing over 100 aloe ferox products for inside and out.

Here is a study done on the Aloe Ferox vs. The Aloe Vera:
A comparison of the chemical composition of Aloe ferox and Aloe vera was performed based on values available in the literature (Femenia 1999, Mabusela 1990). It must be noted, however, that concentrations tend to vary seasonally and geographically (Grindlay

The different monosaccharide components of the polysaccharides present in the Aloe ferox and Aloe vera gel are compared (expressed as mol%).

Monosaccharide Aloe vera Aloe ferox
(gel) (gel)

Rhamnose 1.69 3
Fucose 1.94 1
Arabinose 1.92 5
Xylose 2.34 13
Mannose 46.07 35
Galactose 4.97 5
Glucose 27.03 46

Similarly, scientific tests comparing the differences between Aloe ferox and Aloe vera plants (whole leafs), growing side by side, were performed at the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden in Cape Town, South Africa.

The tests demonstrated the following:

1. The freshly cut leaf of Aloe ferox produced approximately 20 times more bitter sap,
weight by weight, than the Aloe vera.

2. Aloe vera has a much softer and more translucent inner gel. It is also notably more

3. After extraction, the juice of the Aloe vera leaves decolourizes and loses its viscosity
much more rapidly than does the juice of Aloe ferox.

4. The solids content of the juice in Aloe ferox were constantly greater in volume than
those obtained from Aloe vera.

5. The amino acid content of Aloe ferox is almost double that of Aloe vera (see table).

Amino Acids Aloe vera Aloe ferox
(Whole Leaf) (Whole Leaf)

Glutamic acid 4.7 2.8
Asparagine 3.29 14.47
Aspartic acid 1.75 1.41
Serine 1.27 1.69
Glycine 0.95 1.25
Alanine 0.91 1.04
Glutamine 0.83 3.82
Valine ** 0.36 0.56
Threonine ** 0.33 0.9
Proline 0.25 0.46
Lysine ** 0.18 0.08
Arginine 0.12 0.05
Leucine ** 0.09 0.12
Phenylalanine ** 0.08 0.07
Isoleucine ** 0.07 0.12
Tyrosine 0.06 0.05
Cystine 0.04 0.01
Histidine 0.03 0.02
Methionine ** 0.02 0.07
Tryptophane ** 0 0
Total Concentration
(nMol/mg dry mass) 15.33 28.99

Aloe ferox and Aloe vera contain 7 of the 8 essential (** in table) amino acids and all the
other 12 non-essential amino acids.
Similarly the mineral concentrations of Aloe vera (Femenia 1999) were compared to typical
concentration measured in Aloe ferox (expressed as % of dry matter).

Minerals Aloe vera Aloe ferox
(Whole Leaf) (Whole Leaf)

Calcium (Ca) 3.58 8.82
Magnesium (Mg) 1.22 1.68
Sodium (Na) 3.66 3.08
Potassium (K) 4.06 6.3
Phosphorus (P) 0.02
Iron (Fe) 0.1 0.54
Copper (Cu) 0.06 0.04
Zinc (Zn) 0.02 0.8

It is evident that Aloe ferox contains a higher concentration of these minerals, which can potentially ascribed to its harvesting in its natural habitat and not in domesticated fields. As can be seen the chemical composition of Aloe vera is comparable to that of Aloe ferox.

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