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How to start off a Youtube Beauty Channel and who to subscribe to?

  • Posted on February 13, 2013 at 1:55 am

How to start off a Youtube Beauty Channel and who to subscribe to?
I’m 13 1/4 years old and I really want to start a Youtube Beauty Channel. I watch videos by people like missglamorazzi, nikkiphillippi, beautybaby44, hautebrilliance, shaaanxo and more. I want to be like them, but not a copy (obviously). How do I start off? Am I too young to fit in with Youtube and it’s many beauty gurus? Help 🙁

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Answer by ♥Girl Next Door
Hi 🙂
I’m not a beauty guru, but I currently have 566 subscribers, and 39,105 video views. I know, I’m not all that impressive…But I’ve earned all these without the sub4sub or any other of these methods…

So here are my tips to you 🙂

1. First, make a catchy cute username. You’re going to have to come up with it yourself, though. I would suggest you use alliteration or rhyme in the username (such as ShimmerGlimmer, ShimmerShine, etc..). It has to be cute and catchy, but shows that you’re a beauty guru.

2. Next, start off with your channel page. If you really need background help, send me a few pictures you want in there and I’ll put them together for you in a .PNG file and then you can put it as your background. Now, fill in the information stuff on the right hand side, where they ask information about you. I usually read this column, so others may too. Talk like yourself, be funny and cute.

3. Take a bunch of pictures of yourself, and choose the prettiest one. Now, you may use PiZap to add a cool effect to it, and save it as a .PNG. Now, that will be your profile picture! Make sure people are able to see your face and that you look gorgeous. Being attractive catches people’s eyes, and since you’re a beauty guru…

4. Make a video as an introduction to your channel! You can take a few clips, if you’d like, and choose the best one. It would be a good way to earn subscribers and views, on the first day.

5. Talk to other beauty gurus, ones that aren’t too popular, but are experienced enough. They are the ones most likely to give you pointers, subscribe you, and watch/live your videos.

I’ll email you on here, too, if you need anything further.

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