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Does anyone remember a certain Beauty and the Beast retelling?

  • Posted on January 27, 2013 at 7:07 pm

Does anyone remember a certain Beauty and the Beast retelling?
Back when I was in high school I read a retelling of beauty and the beast that was set on the east coust of the U.S. The main character’s name was Isabelle or Isabella. I can’t remember the title and have been trying to get a collection together of fairy tale retellings and it is one that I would like to include. If anyone can help me that would be great. Thanks.

Best Suggestion

Answer by methylbutane
hi! i think i can help you, l’ve read “Beauty” by Robin McKinley. In this version, Beauty was born the youngest of three sisters, respectively named Grace, Hope and Honour. At an early age, though, Beauty’s precociousness earns her the nickname “Beauty,” which sticks despite its apparent inappropriateness. But also McKinley’s second voyage into the tale of Beauty and the Beast resulted in Rose Daughter. So there are two versions there. I’ve only read Beauty, and it was really great!

But the one you’re looking for i think is by Nancy Holder who wrote an entry in the Once Upon a Time series called Spirited, which is a loose retelling of the story with a young Englishwoman named Isabella Stevenson who falls in love with her captor, Wusamequin. I think that’s it?

Anyway, check out: because it has a list under “fiction literature” of all the adaptations of Beauty and the Beast.

Goodluck, and i hope you do try McKinley’s novel, she also retells a lot of other fairy tales in really fascinating ways!

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