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At what age does an aloe variegata turn into it’s adult form?

  • Posted on April 17, 2012 at 7:11 pm

At what age does an aloe variegata turn into it’s adult form?
I have an aloe variegata pup it is about 4 months old it was seperated from the mother plant, at what age does it turn into it’s adult form?

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Answer by rooikat
Aloe varigata is widely distributed in RSA. The question is a difficult one as the plant is not really one of the biggest aloes around. As far as I know from personal experience the pup is very much the same as the parent plant. There is no real change from an immature form to a mature form. It is a low growing aloe by its very nature. They are stemless and the highest I have ever seen them is about 250mm. Aloe varigata is one of the first aloes that was successfully cultivated in Europe.

The plant comprises of mottled leaves keeled or “V” shaped arranged in three distinct ranks and the margins have closely spaced (small) teeth along a white hard ridge The inflorescence is normally branched with relatively large hanging flowers (pink to red and rarely yellow).

Easy to cultivate in well-drained soil mixture and can withstand severe drought. Afrikaans common name is “Kanniedood” which means that you cannot kill it. Often planted on graves as it represents “eternal life”

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