Valentine’s Day Beauty Guide!

  • Posted on March 25, 2015 at 5:26 pm

Watch music video for this song by Supricky06: Download song here Thank you @Brittanyschoice for filming and thank you Christian Meihls for being my Valentine!!! lol =) I hope you all liked this video!!!!! I wanted to create something more natural & practical for valentines day so I hope i helped some of you. Thank you for watching and supporting! Time to go film some more. See you all in a couple days! Products: bahama mama bronzer for eyes primer potion lovespell hairspray lancome mascara stainiac check/lip stain by the balm Makeup forever lip pencil in C3 curling iron shorts from foreign exchange shoes from bakers top from somewhere giraffe bracelet from forever 21 nylons from the grocery store lol sister from my mom christian from his mom Instagram: “AndreasChoice” Tweet me! facebook me: My Blog: ‪‪‬‬ TUMBLR ‪‪‬‬ Beautylish Twitpic (Phone photos): ‪ DailyBooth (webcam photos): ‪ Chick Approved: ‪ Or, See all of my profiles here: ‪‪ Beauty “Valentine’s Day” andreaschoice makeup Valentine’s Day Beauty Guide! hair tips tricks reminders how to style fashion girls curls romantic gifts style guide andrea andreas choice twins brittanyschoice Cosmetics Help Happy Tutorial Valentines

21 Comments on Valentine’s Day Beauty Guide!

  1. legitimatelytwo says:

    This is awesome! Hey, me and my friend are trying to start in you tube, if you could please sub to us so we could get started successfully! (: thanks

  2. rodriguezagnes says:

    is that her boyfriend for real, for real? he is cute.

  3. ninasamone87 says:

    Where did you get your scrub brush for your face?

  4. edithbalmaceda6 says:

    Omg love it ! You should totally do a make tutorial for when you go meet the family of a bf or something and what to wear because i always have trouble figuring out how can i tone it down without losing my style .Much love !

  5. AzraNM says:

    Bf taggggg

  6. whtvrwhatever says:

    “Look at that color WOOOOOO!!!” LMAO!!!

  7. savannahH01 says:

    I’m a new subcriber but I’ve been watching her videos for a couple of months now .. I think Andrea is soo beautiful ! Its amazing !

  8. MultiPizzazz says:

    cdofnjbnidj!!!! DO A VIDEO ON VEGETARIAN LIFESTYLE!!!!! thankkkkkkss (:

  9. loventrack23 says:

    what kind of camera do you use because your vids come out ahhhhmayyyyzing every time! l0l. 🙂

  10. stephaniemaisy says:


  11. amoursansentiments says:

    Christian from his mom. Hahahahaha you’re so cute Andrea!

  12. boooobear15 says:

    hes so hott and you guys are so friggen adorable! boyfriend taggggg pleasssseee

  13. marymo75 says:

    Love the vids! May I ask what color you have in your hair? 🙂

  14. LuluHannaLove says:


  15. MoCxoxo says:

    his dimples!

  16. MegaPuertoricanprinc says:

    You’re too hot for him . Lol .

  17. nuhtaleeuh13teehee says:

    you and your sister are both so gorgeous!

  18. nuhtaleeuh13teehee says:

    soooo adorable !

  19. WilsieCoot says:

    ” You do Not want Dead skin Hanging from your face…When your date go’s to Make out with You ! ” ” Plus your makeup’s Gonna go on Smoother.” 🙂
    Ha ! I Love you Andrea(:

  20. jadaz90210 says:

    too cute!!!

  21. paelmi007 says:

    omg – shes so much fun 🙂 its like her talking to her bff 😀 love it

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