the shivers – beauty

  • Posted on March 23, 2015 at 5:50 am

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  1. trobertson1717 says:

    love these guys! spread the word: on facebook/shiversnyc

  2. lilbrazilcutie says:

    i literally shivered… amazing.

  3. eyeofyourstorm says:

    @dmxdxl I love you Justin Jerome.

  4. dmxdxl says:

    I love you amber lynn

  5. Shawnium101 says:

    This song reminds me of The Notebook & it brings me to tears.

  6. TheSomnambule says:

    1 lonely person clearly doesn’t have much time left to live… I don’t know many people who can live without breathing (off love).

  7. litmuseason says:

    Una de mis canciones favoritas. <3

  8. aarondelahanty says:


  9. TheRamblinmind says:

    one person must die!

  10. cptnjujubee says:

    thumbs up if djflula brought you here

  11. Bryceof93 says:

    I Like This Song. Nice consistent rif plus words like ” I’ll love you till your lonely, Than I’ll love you some more…Cuz your the only one I’ve been dreaming of” Its nice when that reminds you of someone and they know it. 🙂

  12. kirstiel0vesy0u says:

    @lageasy it may mean nobody ELSE was near him, nobody ELSE ever was….

  13. paulanthonymeza says:

    beauty live via Fredericksburg, sounds too good to be true.

  14. OhhhhCanada says:

    again again again again again 00:00

  15. adeemtahira93 says:

    very underrated…so beautiful (:

  16. beabejo14 says:

    beauty beauty beauty, there’s nobody near me, there never was… ♥

  17. MoeRocha45 says:

    @lageasy I think he meant no one has ever been close to him like she is….Like the fact that she became a necessity to him is new……there was nobody near him there never was, until he met her..
    possibly lol

  18. frankgrimes17 says:

    This is too much.

  19. lageasy says:

    I feel the song would have ended better if he had said “there’s nobody near YOU there never was”. When he says “me” I can’t seem to understand what he’s trying to say by that, b/c it comes off as mean. Theres nobody near me there never was? What about the girl? Maybe I”m reading too much into it, if somebody can offer an explanation I’d preciate it.

  20. lostdude93 says:

    these guys are intense. I saw them in Fredericksburg. The guy gives off a vibe like no other. The whole room was just stunned when they heard this

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