Aloe Vera Juice Moisturizing Spritz

  • Posted on October 18, 2013 at 8:04 am

This is a great all natural moisturizing hair spritz. Ingredients: – Spritz Bottle – Aloe Vera Juice – Rosewater, or Distilled, or tap water – Jojoba oil – O…

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  1. tjaxx85 says:

    i make a aloe vera mix.. girl no u dont have to use all those. i just use castor ( cuz it thickens my hair and yes i’ve always had thick hair but it made it thicker) extra virgin coconut oil and extra virgin olive.. i also use pure glycerin and a couple drops of rosemary oil.. shake it up and ur good to go! my hair love it. it makes it much more manageable! i got naps! trust me!

  2. Neekz09 says:

    three questions
    1. Is your hair natural?
    2. Have you seen growth sense you have been using it?
    3. Do i really need all those oils?… lol.. If i just use a few like castor and olive oil would it make a difference?

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