Jeffree Star – Beauty Killer [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

  • Posted on April 21, 2013 at 2:57 am

Official music video for “Beauty Killer” by Jeffree Star (C) 2010 Popsicle Records – on iTunes NOW!! video by: Austin Young hair by: Mathu Anderson makeup by: Jeffree Star

17 Comments on Jeffree Star – Beauty Killer [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

  1. MsFootballplaya2 says:

    @BiersackArmy Actually he’s mpre of a drag queen.A tranny has transplants and he doesn’t so therefore he is a drag queen 😛

  2. BiersackArmy says:

    @annak4ever2 he’s a transvestite

  3. percyjackson52 says:

    His eyes weird me out… but i love it 😀

  4. alebestcool2010 says:

    ILY jeffree… are my sweett dream !! ♥

  5. hiwereawesome1 says:

    Hes so beautiful <3

  6. CaptianJackOff says:

    That Odd Moment When My Mom Walks In And Says ” Thats Lady Gaga’s New Song!?” News Flash: Its Jeffree Starr♥

  7. CATSROCK323 says:


  8. DKPEDIGREE says:

    wtf jeffree gaga

  9. mrsdowling2 says:

    Love this song its the bomb i was singing this in the middle of class and my teacher started singing with me lol

  10. BryceDahmer says:

    Im straight and want him. Hes prettier than most girls lol

  11. monkeydonk12 says:

    that is an IT not a he or she

  12. cbnative says:


    i’m not gay an i’d hit that! check off bucket list! lmfao

  13. bugg1226 says:

    If i was gay id tap that….

  14. andreiinx3 says:

    my mom told me, that guy is more cute than you… thanks mom lol

  15. Alexis50895 says:

    Puase video at 1:29 .. HAHA

  16. cbnative says:

    lmfao bunch of homophobes! Hes living how he wants and is making a fortune and fame beyond thoughts. i give him props. and haters go and look in the mirror and ask yourself who you are! Could we all be so bold?

  17. MusicInMaSoul1 says:

    Ewww ;s

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