Beauty From Pain lyrics

  • Posted on April 8, 2013 at 3:24 am

Lyric Video To ‘Beauty From Pain’ By SuperChick Offensive Comments Shall Be Removed.

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  1. Libbymariehaw says:

    I Wonder why God lets me walk through this place.

  2. Desinewyorican says:

    If anybody needs to talk ill listen and subscribe

  3. anasimbaROCKZ says:

    sorry i ment Danny not V but Y

  4. anasimbaROCKZ says:

    i love this song so much my friend danny has this for her solo at dance and i just love to dance to it

  5. PinkPoodleSkirt77 says:

    This isn’t a song you listen to… it’s a song you experience.

  6. UltimatePuppyLover says:

    superchick,get out of my mind!!!!

  7. warriors50109 says:

    @DannytheKitteh How can you believe that! Jesus gave his life to take away our sins and right before he died he could feel the weight of our sins on his shoulders…though we are not as perfect as Jesus or God himself, we are unique in more ways that one. Never forget that! God will always be there for you, you just have to pray and love him back! He would never hate one of his children, and I hope everyone knows that!!!

  8. warriors50109 says:

    @angiecfa365 AMEN! I agree, i have been through so much and I have no dout that God is with me and I have no dout I have scars from erlier in life, I will always be loyal to God and my family and friends.., no matter what Gods arms are around you! He is always there, you might not be able to feel him, but he is always there. Believe in him and he will save you from suffering and he will bless you with his gift of life in everlasting, no matter what, NEVER GIVE UP OR STOP BELEIVING!!

  9. angiecfa365 says:

    @LonerArts it is worth believing in…I have been through so much in my life and there were times where I wondered where God was but He is faithful and in the end He made everything even the worst hurts and sufferings and points where I just wanted to end it all He made something beautiful out of it, He made it work out for my good to His glory, I still have the scars of my hurt and my past but hope is worth believing in I am libing proof that God does heal

  10. ThunderButt31 says:

    whenever it snows i go around town and write “Beauty from pain” in the snow wherever i can.

  11. LonerArts says:

    hope is it even worth believing anymore??

  12. MegaGlaceonlover says:

    @DannytheKitteh god loves all of us remember that everything happens for a reason.when ever something bad happens something good will happen to make up for the bad that happened.

  13. DannytheKitteh says:

    @bakuganmasterdude Okay :3

  14. bakuganmasterdude says:

    @DannytheKitteh he lets you go through hard times becuz it makes you stronger. just keep blevaing

  15. XxXBrokenXxDreamsXx says:

    I want my bulimia back….I had it as part of my life for 7 years…but I was purging too much too often..ive competly lost my ability to self induce vomiting…i resorted to drinking chemicals to make myself throw up, i ended up having to go to the hospital. I refuse food now…i have for the past over a month…when i eat its a veggie every other day or so. I just want to be able to purge again….Id give anything for that back. I just wanna be thin!

  16. salmapaniagua says:

    dont hate yourself… yourself ……be glad what god gave you ….

  17. DannytheKitteh says:

    I honestly think God hates me…fuck I don’t know what the hell I did……I hate myself….and dare I say God seeing as he let’s me go through a ton of shit….

  18. Gladestar says:

    This song reminds me hugely of Job. If anyone went through living Hell, it was him.

  19. missymoo198 says:

    @12CamKree67 I know exactly what you mean

  20. missymoo198 says:

    i love this song. One of my closest friends betrayed me and was mean to me and has done some terrible things to me. Even though she has stopped, I will never forget what she did to me 🙁

  21. ethickca says:

    just because the scars may fade, that don’t mean that they weren’t there

  22. isaycountry7 says:

    @missRW98 God made you the way you are and he has a plan for you and maybe you need to be the size that you are. Everyone has someone who looks down on them. You just have to overcome them. Don’t hate yourself, someday you’ll look back and say why did I hate myself so much as to waste my childhood worrying about these things.

  23. fireytemper16 says:

    you can ide your scars, on your body or your soul, and be ashamed of your trials and strength, or proudly carry them as you reach for the stars.

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