The Majestic Beauty of the Cosmos (Hubble) HD Relaxing space music NASA

  • Posted on April 8, 2012 at 4:05 am

The Majestic Beauty of the Cosmos (Hubble) HD Relaxing space music NASA Each of these sights of the far away corners of the cosmos was captured thanks to the lenses of the Hubble telescope conquering these amazing distances. My little tribute to Carl Sagan! All images courtesy of NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA) The music is “Sail the Cosmic Ocean” by The Amnis Initiative. See the link above. There’s a follow-up to this movie: The Spectacular Elegance of the Universe, the best of Hubble in FULL HD

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  1. einsteinthesecound says:

    Yes true…and in the Quran we find that by looking at the stars and other celestial bodies, Abraham(peace be upon him) realized that there must be a creator,originator…The Almighty God..

  2. einsteinthesecound says:

    Verily in the remembrance of the Almighty God do hearts find peace…

  3. Darkcosmic7 says:

    i got a question. did the hubble take photos from the satelite or did he travel on space. i know its a stupid question. but i just want to know

  4. azzamalghamdi says:

    قال تعالى في سورة الملك في القربآن((((الذي خلق سبع سماوات طباقا ماترى في خلق الرحمن من تفاوت فارجع البصر هل ترى من فطور ثم ارجع البصر كرتين ينقلب اليك البصر خاسئا وهو حسير * ولقد زينا السماء الدنيا بمصابيح وجعلناها رجوما للشيطين واعتدنا لهم عذاب السعير))) الملك ( 3 , 4 &5 …….TRANSLATE IF YOU WONT TO UNDERSTAND ..THANKS

  5. dolores121859 says:

    God makes the best fractals for sure!

  6. swampkid96 says:

    Really makes you get a good idea of how powerful and vast God’s creation really is…

  7. Ana E MurilloO says:

    que dichosa Arly que fuiste a ver esta pelicula ! y de casualidad no te trajiste un DVD de la misma?

  8. djdonut123 says:

    Don’t this want to explore the universe ?

  9. kimmetje1976 says:

    This is perfection

  10. ArlyneHeilbron says:

    Yo tuve la Gran suerte y dicha de ver esta pelicula por 50 mts aprox en los Museos de Aire y el espacio de los Smithsonian en Washington DC … el Viaje es…. realmente espectacular… Namasté!!

  11. Seaflowerr says:

    humans need to die becaue they don’t know how to live like a human!

  12. MrSiciliano1946 says:

    Nel mio inconscio, in questi luoghi ci sono stato, e quei lampi ai confini dell’Universo son dovuti al cozzare di cadaveri di stelle che esaurirono il combustibile, ma in un futuro prossimo si riaggregheranno e saranno nuovi astri luminosi a gravitare nello spazio senza confini e con nuovi pianeti attorno…

  13. Relaxicity says:

    Well, perhaps he should have made a commandment out of it!

  14. krunkkutz says:

    We get bottled up sometimes in our problems or pride when we look at our financial acheivements or compare ourselfs to other ppl, and we forget that we are a miracle floating piece of rock, that could have no significant impact on the rest of the universe if we were there or not. It just makes you Humble down.

    …In the Bible Jehovah God always told Abraham and Job to always look at the Stars.

  15. themysticist says:

    i just wonder how colourful and lighted our cosmos many questions are unanswered.maybe we are just here to solve this riddle.

  16. onefugowie says:

    just imagine how beautifull God is!!!!!

  17. Relaxicity says:

    The spikes in the stars are due to diffraction of the lens or the telescope. I know there are filters that can help you get these effects too, because we’ve come to find them beautiful. But in reality they are still an unwanted side effect of the optical devices used to bring those far away objects to us in so many details. I corrected brightness curves and applied minor noise reduction, personally, and maybe NASA did some of their own, but for the rest, no enhancing filters were used.

  18. keethiek says:

    @relaxivity: the stars look like there was a screen filter applied to these shots (thus providing us with the points on the stars). Do you know if this is the case?

  19. sndman60 says:

    Immensely beautiful, If this does not move you, then you are already dead. I see this as a reminder of how we are just a molecule in a drop of water in an eternal ocean.

  20. fearsveil says:

    this makes all your problems and worries seem soooo insignificant

  21. bffs4life5678 says:

    Corrections : *fum- fun  and there are probably more 😀

  22. bffs4life5678 says:

    the best video of space… i normally see crappy and fake videos or even people making fum of space or the solosr system but this is real, amazing, and you dont make fun of cool and 3pic things like space and our soloar system!!! i love this video so much… that i wish i made that video… LoL! but i have a question… do you owner the hubble telescope? if not then how did you get this footage??? i hope i get answers because i am very interested in this! 🙂

  23. neolux8 says:

    Ty Hubble

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