Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar (The Overtones Cover) // Mahogany Session

  • Posted on April 21, 2012 at 7:05 am

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15 Comments on Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar (The Overtones Cover) // Mahogany Session

  1. lovesomeone2504 says:

    lovelyyy ♥ :-*

  2. Lacorel says:

    damn brilliant! Love it! insane guys.

  3. gee5432 says:

    lachie, Y U NO MARRY ME?

  4. MoonxXxCake says:

    I need lachie, lachie is what i need

  5. simon7709 says:

    @themahoganysessions : Get a new Cameraman , please one who knows how focus works …

  6. b33p says:

    Look at 1:27 and see that the cameraman switches focus between guys on the left to guys on the right. Also, artificial sun glare etc. has been added. It just looks ridiculous.

  7. 04thomasc says:

    I think the cameraman’s using a fixed focal lens; you can’t manually focus with those lens and they’re all standing at different distances to the camera.
    Either that or he’s got a terrible camera.

  8. Debby2099 says:

    The WORSTE CAMERAMAN!!! and the BEST BUNCH OF SINGERS! and very very handsome!
    love you guys!

  9. The91Entertainment says:


  10. EverDreamful says:

    7 people don’t give a dollar… <.<

  11. Charlie Parker says:

    i need your album, your album, your album is what i need………….

  12. 15Emogirly says:

    I need the Overtones ..The Overtones is what i need 😀

  13. kristina286 says:

    i heard someone named aloe blacc did a cover of this song

  14. sufia14 says:

    haha lol david beckham!

  15. MoonxXxCake says:

    I need Lachie !!!!! not a dollar Lachie Lachie Lachie Lachie Lachie Lachie !!!!!!!!!!!! I need Lachie *_*

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